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Yoga Relief | Yoga for Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression and more...
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My name's Jess Eagan and I'm the voice and face you'll see throughout this page. I created this program. While this is technically a sales page, the truth is, I myself hate sales pages. And so I did my best to make this more of an educational page than a sale page and limited the sales talk as much as possible. I also didn't make the page go on and on and on and on with countless lists of bonuses and testimonials and lists of all the ways your life will change when you buy this program. There's nothing wrong with any of that stuff. I personally just don't like to be on those pages and so I had no interest in creating one myself.

What you'll find below is first, a free e-book - click on the link and it will download directly to your computer. Totally free. You don't even have to give over your email address. Then there's a bit about what you'll learn when you buy the program. Keep scrolling and you'll come upon a number of informational and educational videos - the first one will give you a sense of who I am and where I'm coming from and the rest will educate you about what's causing your sleep struggles and what you can do about it. Then there are some testimonials from people who have taken the program followed by an in-depth breakdown of what (exactly) the program includes. And finally, there's the reassurance that we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee so you can feel really good about buying the program.

So yes, even though this is technically a sales page, I'm really not trying to sell you on anything. My feeling is that you'll know if this program is for you - I don't have to be persuasive or use wording that is going to trigger an emotional response in you or create a false sense of scarcity so that you feel more compelled to buy. Again, I just really don't like that stuff. The reality is that we all make changes when we're ready to and I don't want to make it my job to convince you that you need to make a change. You're here because some part of you already knows that.

Struggling to sleep sucks - nobody's going to argue that. The most truthful thing I can say is that it doesn't have to to be that way. You can re-learn how to sleep easily. But you have to want to. You have to be ready and willing to relate to yourself and your sleep differently - you have to be ready and willing to make a change. That's what this program is for. If you're ready, this program is based on science, psychology and yoga and it's undeniably helpful. It's designed to educate you and support you in making the changes that will get you sleeping easily and soundly.

So download the e-book, scroll through the page, and educate yourself about what's going on with you and your sleep. And then buy the program if it feels right to you.

Either way, I wish you the best in your sleep and your life,


Give a person a fish and they'll eat for a day
Teach a person to fish and they'll eat for the rest of their life
Give a person a pill and they'll sleep for a night
Teach a person to sleep and they'll be able to do JUST THAT for the rest of their life

Click Below to Download The E-Book


This 6-Week Program Will Teach You HOW to Sleep

Most of us don't realize that we can actually train ourselves to sleep easily and effortlessly.  In the same way that you can train yourself to get into better physical shape you can also train yourself to get into good "sleep shape."  And it's not hard. You simply need to understand how to do it (i.e. the specific "exercises" to do) and then put a little energy into actually doing those exercise.  That's it.  And every single person can do it - yes, that means you!  Regardless of whether you haven't slept well in weeks, years or (perhaps) what feels like a lifetime, this 6-Week program will teach you everything you need to know about how exactly to re-train yourself to sleep easily.

When You Buy This Program You'll Learn:

+ How to stop fueling your own sleep struggles +
+ The biggest mistakes insomniacs make that sabotage their chances at a good night's sleep +
+ Simple breathing practices that will help you calm down for sleep+
+ How to keep your mind from keeping you awake +
+ Simple yoga stretches (that everyone can do!) designed specifically to help you sleep easily and soundly +
+ The most powerful internal shift that can instantly reduce 99% of your stress +
+ All the things you never want to do before bed +
+ Why sleep matters and why it's such a challenge for so many of us +
+ The practice of awareness and how it can profoundly transform your sleep and your life +
+ How to live a vibrant life that supports your sleep +
+ Why you never want to try to sleep +
+ How to take responsibility for your sleep and your life +
+ How to keep stress from keeping you awake +
+ Simple and Effective Sleep Do's and Don'ts +
+ How to relax quickly and easily - even if you're someone who thinks you "just can't relax" +
+ Effective techniques to implement the concepts of this program into the reality of your life +
+ How to find your "center" and learn to live from that centered place +
+ And much, much more... +



Yes, I agree to the Terms/Conditions.

I'm Here Because I Struggled To Sleep For 15 Years

Yup, no joke - 15 years!  And now I realize just how unnecessary it was to struggle for so long when there really IS a simple way to start sleeping again.  Yes, that kinda sounds like a line from an Infomercial or like I'm trying to sell you some Magic Beans but I don't know how else to write it because it's TRUE.  It took me 15 years to figure out how to sleep again and that's a ridiculous amount of time.  I created this course so you can learn (in 6 weeks) what took me years to understand.  Hear me talk a little about this below...

You Don't Have to be Flexible To Benefit From This Program

This may come as a surprise, but yoga is actually NOT about being flexible.  I realize that that goes against what most of us have come to believe but the truth is that the practices of yoga that are massively effective when it comes to re-training your body and mind to relax into sleep are simple stretches, breathing practices, relaxation techniques and awareness practices - all of which everybody can do, no matter how flexible or inflexible you are.  Watch the video below where I talk a bit more about this...

Insomnia is Not Actually a Sleep Disorder

Shocking, I know, but it's true.  Insomnia is not actually a sleep disorder, it's a disorder of hyper-arousal.  This means that your nervous system is in the habit of staying "revved up" all the time, which has all types of nasty repercussions - one being insomnia.  Luckily you can train your body to shift into a more relaxed, sleep-conducive state.  All that's required is a little understanding and a little practice.  This 6-week course will help you understand exactly HOW to re-train your nervous system for easy, sound sleep.  Oh, and doing so will not only affect your sleep, it will also help you feel better (more energized and less stressed) during your waking life. WIN-WIN.  Watch the video below to hear more...

We're All Fueling Our Own Sleep Struggles

Though this is a tough pill to swallow, the reality is that every single person who can't sleep (yes, that means you...) is doing things that are keeping their sleep struggles going.  In other words, you are fueling your own insomnia.  Of course, there's no blame involved because you're not doing these things on purpose.  You're doing them because you don't yet understand the connection between certain behaviors and your sleep.  This course will help you understand that connection and teach you how to make the small but powerful changes that will help you stop sabotaging your own best sleep efforts.  Watch the video below where I talk a little more about this...

Are You Breathing In A Way That Keeps You Awake?

Our breath is directly linked to our nervous system, which means that the WAY we breath plays a huge factor in how we feel and how we sleep.  Most of us breath in a way that keeps us in a state of hyper-arousal, drains us of energy and keeps us awake at night.  Changing our breathing habits isn't hard.  This program will teach how to start using your breath to support your waking and your sleeping life.  Watch the video below to find out a little more about this...

Stretching Is Like Taking A Valium

Yup, you read that correctly.  And nope, it's not a typo.  Stretching (to whatever your capacity) causes an increase in the production of the neurotransmitter GABA, which has a similar effect on the brain and body to Valium.  I repeat, you don't have to be flexible!  We can all stretch, even if it's just the tiniest little bit.  And that's all you need to do to get the valium-like effects. Watch the video below to hear me talk a bit more about this...

Do You Wish You Could "Just Relax"?

Many of us consider ourselves simply incapable of relaxing - we say things like "I'm Type-A" or "I've always be high strung like this" or "I would be able to relax if this and this and this weren't happening."  Whatever the specific story we're telling ourselves, it often boils down to the belief that we are destined to remain stressed and neurotic and there's nothing we can do about it.  That's 100% FALSE.  Scientifically speaking, relaxation is a skill that each and every one of us can learn (again, that means YOU...!).  Just like we can all strengthen our muscles if we decided to do specific exercises, we can all train our nervous systems to relax if we decide to do the exercises that will help them to do so.  Watch the video where I talk a little about this...

The Secret Side Effect Of This Course

Life is a helluva lot more fun when you have energy!  And have you noticed that the opposite is also true - that when you feel run-down and tired everything seems harder and more frustrating?  That's because the amount of energy we have is (arguably) the most important factor in how we experience our daily life.  What's great is that the major side-effect of all the practices that you will learn in this program is MORE ENERGY.  That means, when you buy this program you'll learn to sleep easily AND with no extra effort on your part, you'll also have more energy - energy you can give to your family, your friends, your work, your hobbies or to whatever or whomever you'd like!  Watch the video below to hear me talk a little more about this...

Is This Course Right For You?


This program is designed for those people who are ready to move beyond complaints and into action, growth and greater health.  So if you're tired of complaining about your sleep troubles and ready to actually DO the practices that will help you sleep more soundly and live more fully, then THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!  To be sure though, before signing up for the program ask yourself the following questions:


+ Are you ready to move beyond intellectual understanding and start actually taking the steps that will support your sleep?
+ Are you tired of tossing and turning for hours because you can't shut your mind off?
+ Are you willing to put aside predictions of whether these practices will work and instead try them whole-heartedly for 6 weeks?
+ Are you sick of arranging and re-arranging your schedule because of your fatigue?
+ Are you willing to take an honest look at your thoughts, actions and emotions?
+ Do you race around trying to get everything done and in the end feel like you didn't enjoy your day at all?
+ Are you fed up with your sleep struggles to the point where you're willing to try something new?
+ Do you feel like your lack of sleep is having a negative effect on your work or you relationships?


If you answered "YES!" to those questions, then you're ready and this course will be everything you're looking for AND MORE.  If those questions felt like too much of a commitment or like they would require too much effort on your part, then this course will not be a good fit for you.




Yes, I agree to the Terms/Conditions.

Words From Those Who Took The Program


  • The YogaRelief program has helped me understand the healing power of my own mind. It's not a program that aims to change who you are. Rather, it's about re-discovering who you really are and how you want your life to be. I have always known that I had the strength to make my life a better place to be, but I didn't know how to do it. This program helped me put words to the struggle I was experiencing and find a way to untangle the knots I had tied myself up in.

    Claire Halberstadt
  • I have suffered with Insomnia for years, at times worse than others. By using YogaRelief's virtual program I was able to implement new techniques and healthy habits to overcome my insomnia. Thank you!

    Christina George
  • I had reached a point where I thought nothing would help my sleepless nights. When I started this program I thought, 'I have nothing to lose.' I dedicated myself and did what was outlined for 6 weeks. Now I enjoy great sleep at night and am experiencing a lot less worry and anxiety in general. The program worked beautifully. Thank you!

    Blair Lamb, BSN, RN
  • This program was hopeful, encouraging and results oriented in a way that nothing on the subject has even come close to. I learned practical ways to reposition my mind and home towards sleeping well. I was given the practical tools to easily bring yoga and relaxation techniques into a calming nightly ritual that has brought years of insomnia to a close. I am sleeping again after 14 years of struggling with this.

    Sandy Lehan
  • I feel so lucky I found this program. It was way beyond insomnia treatment. When practiced as directed this program would put the pharmaceutical companies out of business. The program actually treats the person with understanding, respect and real direction. I have had insomnia since early grade school and this is the longest I have ever been sleep successfully without any sleep aide. There's a lot of good tricks and tips I never would have thought of. The path is there, you just have to do the work.

    Kate Somerville
  • Hands down this is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use programs I have ever seen. Jess uses plain language and a step-by-step approach to walk you through the process. There is no 'catch.' She gives you the full explanation with usable tools. This is a profound program that is accessible to everyone and that offers a drug-free, long-term solution. I really cannot speak highly enough about this program.

    Jessica Radovich M.A. Psychotherapist

Is Your Sleep Worth $147?

Most of us, when we hit a point (with anything) where we know that something must change, all of a sudden become willing to do whatever is necessary to catalyze that change.  When that moment takes place and something "clicks" inside of us, we no longer hesitate to invest our money, our attention and our effort in our own growth.   The reality is that I really can't put a value on your sleep - only YOU can do that.  I know that the course is incredibly valuable and that the practices within it WORK WONDERS!  Remember, though, the course is designed for people who are willing to take responsibility for their own sleep, people who are at the point where they feel like, "Enough of this already! Not being able to sleep is torturous and unnecessary. I'm ready to learn how to start doing things differently - for my own sake and my own sleep!"   When you're at that point, you'll simply know it - there will be no denying your readiness and your willingness to invest in yourself.


Buy The Program and Get


[wc_accordion collapse="0" leaveopen="0" layout="box"] [wc_accordion_section title="Weekly Breathing Video Tutorials"] If you want to sleep easily, your breath can help! These video tutorials will teach you breathing practices that you can do to calm down your nervous system and shift into a state that makes sleeping easy. Throughout the program, you'll learn 6 different breathing practices that are easy to do and immediately effective when it comes to helping you sleep better.
(6 Breathing Video Tutorials Total - 1 per week)
[/wc_accordion_section] [wc_accordion_section title="Weekly Breathing Audio Tracks"] These audio tracks correspond to each week's breathing video tutorial. Put them on your phone or computer so you can practice the breath on your own - anytime, anywhere.
(6 Breathing Audio Tracks Total - 1 per week)
[/wc_accordion_section] [wc_accordion_section title="Weekly Physical Stretches"] Stretching acts like Valium (scientifically speaking)! These video tutorials will teach you a simple stretch that will help your body sleep better and feel better. Each stretch is accessible and effective and you can do them (almost) anywhere - you don't need a lot of space or a yoga mat. And no, you don't need to be flexible!
(6 Stretching Video Tutorials Total - 1 per week)
[/wc_accordion_section] [wc_accordion_section title="Audio Track For Each Physical Stretch"] These weekly audio tracks will guide you through the alignment of each week's stretch and remind you to breath. Put these tracks on your phone or computer so you can practice each stretch on your own - anytime, anywhere.
(6 Stretching Audio Tracks Total - 1 per week)
[/wc_accordion_section] [wc_accordion_section title="30-Minute Yoga Sequence Designed Specifically For Insomnia"] In addition to the weekly stretches, you'll receive a 30-minute yoga sequence designed specifically for insomnia. Again, you'll get this as a video tutorial and as an audio track that you can use to practice on your own.
(One Video Tutorial and One 30-minute Audio Track)
[/wc_accordion_section] [wc_accordion_section title="3 Guided Relaxations"] Every single person can learn to relax! These 3 different audio tracks will lead you, step-by-step through the process of training your body and mind to relax. You'll also learn when the best time to practice conscious relaxation is and how you can use these audio recordings at night or during the night to best support your sleep.
(3 Relaxation Tracks Total)
[/wc_accordion_section] [wc_accordion_section title="Weekly Self-Awareness Modules (in Video, Audio and Written Format)"] These self-awareness modules will explain all the ways that you have been unconsciously sabotaging your own sleep and how (exactly) to stop doing that. You'll receive this content in video, audio and written format so you can choose how you would like to go through it.
(6 Modules Total - Each In Video, Audio and Written Format)
[/wc_accordion_section] [wc_accordion_section title="Weekly 'Cliff's Notes'"] These are print-outs that distill all the information you learned that week into a digestible, bullet-style format. You can use them to remind yourself of everything you learned without having to weed through all the information of the self-awareness modules.
(13 Print-Outs Total)
[/wc_accordion_section] [wc_accordion_section title="Weekly Action Steps"] You'll receive weekly action steps that will give you a step-by-step plan for putting all of your new understanding into action so you can actually experience positive change in your sleep and your life.
(6 Printable Action Steps - 1 per week)
[/wc_accordion_section] [wc_accordion_section title="AND"] You'll Have Lifetime Access to the Program and all the material (except the self-awareness videos) are downloadable.
[/wc_accordion_section] [/wc_accordion]



Yes, I agree to the Terms/Conditions.

Still Not Sure?


Sign up for the program now and experience for yourself the power of these practices.  If, within 14 days, you feel that the program does not live up to your expectations, I'll give every penny back to you - no questions asked.  100% Money Back Guaranteed.

You've got absolutely nothing to lose and a lifetime of sound sleep to gain.  Why risk another torturous night?




Yes, I agree to the Terms/Conditions.


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